Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Supporting disaster response by congregations and their denominations  

Pauline Hurst, Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Charles and Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist Convention


Innovation and Description: Home Mission Board

To go into whatever areas that needed our assistance. Our instructions came from the president of the convention.

Other Participants:

Rev. Larry Cross, Mr. Ken Reeves

Primary Disaster Justice Benefits:

To evaluate the needs of the area involve in disaster.. And to report where we were best be needed

Secondary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Be sure that those clients were given resources, assistance with food and clothing.

Would you recommend others (disaster survivors, disaster-impacted communities) learn more about the activity, project or program to consider adoption of a similar one?


What refinements additional to the ones you have implemented would you recommend others consider if they wish to adopt the activity, project or program?

Make sure that they have a plan well before a disaster happens.