Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Pre-positioning portable solar

Jack Martin, Appropriate Technologist- Renewable Energy, Senior Lecturer, Appalachian State University


Innovation and Description: Pre-positioning Portable Solar

Having portable solar units and generators pre-positioned in risk areas that can be used both in ‘normal’ times and can be used post disaster.

Other Participants:

First Peoples Conservation Council, Jerry Egbert, Lowlander Center. Students from Harvard University and local community leaders are assessing this summer the usage needs for micro-grids in areas that are prone to frequent outages, allowing them to function off grid.

Primary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Immediate access to power during and post disaster.

Secondary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Familiarity with solar. Evaluation of usage needs to anticipate larger units for future disaster events.  Currently working on mobile units that can be used in place or taken to critical areas of need.   

Would you recommend others (disaster survivors, disaster-impacted communities) learn more about the activity, project or program to consider adoption of a similar one?

Yes,  it is a critical need for supporting adequate disaster response during and immediately after an event.  Additionally it will demonstrate how lowering our carbon output can be accomplished, especially post disaster.

What refinements additional to the ones you have implemented would you recommend others consider if they wish to adopt the activity, project or program?

It would be great to have micro-training centers with folks who could readily staff them to help areas use alternative energy sources and show folks how to minimize their energy needs. The Rebuild the Boot campaign could also include such informational resources as well.