Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Instilling community support values to engineering students

Mira Olson, Drexel University Peace Engineering Program


Innovation and Description: Instilling Community Support Values to Engineering Students

The Peace Engineering program prepares students with technical backgrounds to work in support of community programs and values by considering the technical, social, ethical, equity and cultural sensitivity of projects involving infrastructure and technology.

Other Participants:

Kala Yarnall (Oklahoma Indian Health Service); Michael Burns (C2P2)

Primary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Data analysis, knowledge generation and design

Secondary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Long-term partnership and access to university resources

Would you recommend others (disaster survivors, disaster-impacted communities) learn more about the activity, project or program to consider adoption of a similar one?


What refinements additional to the ones you have implemented would you recommend others consider if they wish to adopt the activity, project or program?

Alignment and development of long-term contact for prolonged partnership.