Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Legal & Policy

Residents and organizations in Southwest Louisiana who are seeking legal assistance may be interested in contacting the following entities:

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Hailey Barnett

Staff Attorney - Disaster Work
Acadiana Legal Service Corporation

2911 Ryan Street Lake Charles, LA 70601
(337) 439-0377 Ext. 4212 | Fax (337) 439-0636

In addition, here is some helpful information from Acadiana Legal Service Corporation on the process for those who are displaced (a resident from any parish AND who have returned home and found their home to be unliveable:

If you return to your home and believe that your dwelling is unlivable, you have a few options:

  1. Residents can contact 211 or go to https://arcg.is/SSaba to request a reassessment.
  2. If your home is reassessed into the “major damage” category, you can re-enter the hotel shelter system by visiting the reception center at the Alexandria Mega Shelter – 8125 Hwy 71 South, Alexandria, LA 71302.
    • If you are from Calcasieu Parish and need transportation to the Mega Shelter, please call 211 to find out your options.
  3. You can stay with a local friend or family member.
  4. If you have insurance, you can reach out to them about temporary lodging
  5. If you have received FEMA money for emergency lodging, you can look into short-term rentals such as apartments.”

Texas Disaster Legal Help

A collaboration between the three largest legal aid organizations in Texas – Lone Star Legal Aid, Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid – designed to improve the mobilization of pro bono volunteers during and in the immediate aftermath of a disaster; leveraging technology to meet legal needs in emergencies more effectively.
Learn more about the gendered dimensions to disaster with this resource guide from the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction: