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American Flood Coalition Tool

Across the country, small communities are on the front lines of protecting residents from flooding and sea level rise. The challenges of flooding can be especially daunting for smaller and rural communities, but these are the very places that are critical to the country’s overall resilience to flooding. From assessing risk to implementing projects, small communities can face enormous costs that they often cannot cover alone. Several federal agencies have programs that fund flood mitigation, flood risk reduction, and disaster recovery, but navigating these funding opportunities can be time-consuming and difficult.

The American Flood Coalition’s Flood Funding Finder is the first tool of its kind that uses a robust filtering system to prioritize the needs of small communities and help them identify the right federal funding programs to fund flood resilience. While the Flood Funding Finder makes it easier to access federal funding, funding for resilience remains insufficient and does not work for many communities across the country. The American Flood Coalition exists to push for more accessible and robust funding that meets the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding.