Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Bringing together non-profit groups to support agency policy justice

Kristina Peterson, Disaster Justice Network, Lowlander Center


Innovation and Description: Bringing together non-profit groups and advocates in whatever organizations they function to support agency policy justice

Engaging academics – professors and doctoral students, leaders and members of advocacy groups and other independent advocates for disaster recovery based on justice.

Other Participants:

All participants in the Disaster Justice Network

Primary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Securing timely information for decision making and response capacity by and with communities left out of the traditional decision making and resource process.

Secondary Disaster Justice Benefits:

Long-term network building that local organizations and people can access on a personal and professional level as colleagues/partners. 

Would you recommend others (disaster survivors, disaster-impacted communities) learn more about the activity, project or program to consider adoption of a similar one?

Yes,  with the layers of issues in compound disasters it is difficult to have the plethora of knowledges readily available.  This format gave way to those types of connections, general and technical data that kept changing over time.

What refinements additional to the ones you have implemented would you recommend others consider if they wish to adopt the activity, project or program?

It would be good to have an ongoing techie that could keep social media and website updated with resources.