Lending support & critical information for hurricane recovery

Innovations and techniques that center justice in disaster recovery

Poster Presented at the Natural Hazards Workshop, July 8-9, 2023

The Disaster Justice Network (DJN) is a volunteer network comprised of disaster recovery specialists of all ages, organizational types-from community and non-profit staffs, faith leaders, university students and senior faculty and more. DJN was initiated by grassroots efforts, including a Natural Hazards Center Quick Response grant, in response to the devastating hurricanes that struck Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana in 2020 and Terrebonne, Lafourche, Jefferson, and Plaquemines Parishes in Louisiana in 2021. The impact of these storms was overwhelming. The recovery is very slow. The network concept was applied because the human resources were scattered in many organizations that we believed would benefit from coming together weekly to describe their work and seek counsel from others in other organizations as to how to make their efforts most effective.The activities, projects, and programs on the poster list reflect some of the DJN participants’ efforts toward a justice-driven disaster recovery. 

To learn more about these efforts, click one of the links below. We welcome you to be in touch with the initiators of these efforts, featured here in the Zoom replica. They look forward to connecting.

Disaster Justice Efforts

For a printable list of all projects, please download the PDF below.