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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Data Guide

We have developed a guide to the RWJF Data, which addresses how to access and utilize the county health ranking data to build resilient communities.

The health data sources in this collection range from public health and social service agencies to hospitals and insurers, and include multiple types of data at the state, county, city, and neighborhood levels. Across the nation, the growing variety of data sets now being aggregated and shared is providing an increasingly clear picture of health challenges that communities are experiencing, and driving residents, community leaders, policymakers, and advocates to come together to set common goals for improvement.

In connection with programs focused on creating healthier communities, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) supports multiple efforts to leverage health data to advance efforts to achieve better health. With partners across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, we are working to expand the potential for data to illuminate health gaps in communities, and areas where action is needed. The more communities take advantage of the many forms of health data now available, the better they can target resources to assure everyone has a fair and just opportunity for health.