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Supporting the homeless population in Lake Charles, LA and Port Arthur, TX.

FOX News Clip: “Historic Louisiana hurricane season leaves people homeless for the holidays”

As we brave the 2021 hurricane season, hundreds of people are still in tents, having braved historic rainfall and flooding, and the Tropical Storm conditions brought by Hurricane Ida. Many residents of Lake Charles, LA; Port Arthur, TX; and surrounding towns and rural areas lost their homes in the storms and have no alternative housing option..

This situation becomes exponentially more dangerous with every new disaster that ravages the area. More than 1,000 people have no roofs (FEMA-provided tarps from the first hurricane were destroyed in the second), no front doors, and no clean water. People are asking for wooden pallets to sleep on in order to avoid getting wet from sleeping on the ground at their homes. This is a housing and health emergency.

We have already procured and delivered 150 tents, and they have all been claimed. There is still a massive need for temporary shelter.

A family’s living situation in Lake Charles, LA.

How can you help?

Donate to the Lowlander Center. Your donation will allow us to purchase tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and other crucial items to distribute to residents of Lake Charles, LA and Port Arthur, TX, who are currently experiencing homelessness. A one-time donation of $29 will allow us to purchase one tent. Donate here:

Buy specific items from our Amazon Wishlist. Use your Amazon account to order a tent, sleeping bag, or other much needed items. These items will then be directly delivered to our partners on the ground. Find our wishlist here: (Note: you will need to be signed in to your Amazon account in order to view the list)

Send your used tents, sleeping bags, socks, coats, hats, and gloves to any of the following addresses:

St. Andrew Presbyrtarian Church
4020 Hodges St
Lake Charles, LA 70605-2920
℅ Nanette Cagney

Greater St. Mary
1401 Moeling St.
Lake Charles, LA 70601
℅ Pauline Hurst

Waters Edge Homeless Ministry
2760 Power Center Blvd
Lake Charles LA 70607
℅ Kelli Staweki

We’ve already distributed hundreds of tents, blankets, and winter clothing items over the past year. Thank you so much for your support!

An amazing group of folks came together at the end of February to off load a tractor trailer of 25 pallets of supplies, blankets, baby kits, school kits, hygiene kits and more. A network of friends utilized  a loaned forklift, strong arms and distribution channels to get all of these resources out into the community within 12 hours of delivery!

Financial Support

Because the Disaster Justice Network is a coalition of existing 501c3 organizations, we ask that you support our work through one of our trusted partners. Below is a list of these organizations, along with more information about how your donation will be utilized in the recovery process.

The Lowlander Center

“The Lowlander Center supports lowland communities and places, both inland and coastal, for the benefit of both people and environment.”

Currently, the Lowlander Center is focused on meeting the immediate needs of residents in Lake Charles, LA, who have been rendered homeless by the hurricanes and the limited government disaster response. Donating to the Lowlander Center will support this work.

You can donate to the Lowlander Center here, and learn more about their work here.

CIDA, Inc.

“The Community In-Power and Development Association Inc. is a non-profit that works to empower residents in low-income communities in Port Arthur, Texas. We help them to take action against the neighboring chemical manufacturers, refineries and incinerator facilities. We help organize and educate local residents on how to take action to keep big industries from polluting our air, land, and water. We foster and promote a healthy, safe and economically vital community by uniting and educating the impacted communities on the importance of working together to promote healthy change.”

CIDA, Inc. is currently working to repair roofs that were damaged in the hurricanes. This work is extremely urgent, as homes that continue to be exposed to the elements are at a much greater risk of developing toxic mold.

You can donate to CIDA’s hurricane relief fund here, and learn more about their work in the wake of Hurricane Laura here.


As an all-volunteer network we are always looking for individuals who can help support our mission to share critical information that is not easily accessed for the Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta recovery processes. The network includes community leaders, faith leaders, advocates, activists, practitioners, researchers, and students weaving together environmental justice and disaster expertise to develop strategies that address the inequitable access to disaster response and recovery efforts and to advocate for a justice-driven recovery process. Through the generosity of time and commitment, individuals and organizations are sharing resources and expertise that can avoid usual pitfalls in disaster recovery and help find healthy safe alternatives.

If you are willing to lend your skills and expertise to address these urgent needs, please fill out this survey. If you have any questions, please send an email to: Thank you!

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